I don’t care about homosexuality as my gay friends are awesome.

I normally have a harder time with transvestites, but I ran into one wearing a Christian T-Shirt then thought I cannot hate you. I will still feel uncomfortable.


Brett Favre. Gay?

The biggest name in Green Bay Packers history is coming up of the closet. In a candid interview Favre admitted that “He ……… Liked ………Men.” It is not like we couldn’t see the signs. He always seemed a little to giddy to slap teammates’ butts with towels after wins.

There are a lot of jobs that don’t even require a high school degree which pay well.

I see a lot of social skills based jobs. If you are good smoozing people, you should consider a job in sales. They can make 100,000 plus for having the know how to work with people.

There are also low jobs which everyone avoids because of their pride and offer great salary prospects. Try starting out at a meat cutting starts out about 10 dollars an hour, but staying with it offers prospects of 30 plus an hour.