Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review
I always liked the RE series and I briefly played the original Revelations demo on the Wii U. I thought it could be as good as the Code Veronica Spin-Off.
Strengths. The Graphics are decent. For being a download game and relatively small in size, the graphics are solid. Nothing visually spectacular, but the frame rates are fluid.
Some neat enemy designs. The enemies vary from the typical zombie found in the series. It is nice, but their movements can look somewhat stilted.
The Raid mode is very entertaining. Collecting items for the next level is a good cross over between a survivor horror and an RPG. I did have problems with connecting on line.
Weaknesses. I hated Barry’s daughter. Trying to cross RE into a modern age by putting in a fowl mouth brat. I could watch some MA TV if I wanted to hear some profanity.
It is not as fun as the previous REs. It runs smooth, but it is not as entertaining as the REs of old. It lacks the suspense from the earlier era.
Worth buying. Yes for the raid mode. No if you want classic RE.


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