Upon nearing the old wooden door, the man looked around quickly. The door, being of an old gothic style and standing twice as tall as the man himself, beckoned him closer as if it were a parent calling for their toddler. Jerky head movements revealed the man’s trepidation. Upon being within arms reach of the door, a slight creak emmanating from the portal betrayed the man’s fear as he sprung, clearly startled. The ancient portal hadn’t


I don’t like making spelling mistakes, but as I free style most of my ideas, it often leads to poor spelling or grammar. I am a bit of a perfectionist and some failure in basic words often leaves me quite embarrassed. And I definitely do make spelling mistakes.

My thoughts on the marriage strike.

My grandparents were each other’s only. My granddad was 38 before he finally got married to my grandma, an immigrant from Norway.

My parent’s were each other’s only. Both decent people raised from decent families.

In modern society, you have women who cannot keep a “relationship” for more than a week. I am deeply saddened at the current state of affairs. American culture, I am embarrassed for you.


أنا تكلمت ما أمرة من مصر. هي تتكلم العربي لكني لا فهمت أستطيع. قولت هناك كلمة مختلة.
أظن أنهق قولت ومكن. ومكن يعني أستطيع؟

Book idea I was thinking about. A child grows up hating Communism. As he gets older, he still hates communism, but there is a new system being implemented in the local government. It would be a form of communism, but appear under a different name, so everyone thought it looked alright. Then the program would add more and more traction and at the end of the book, it would be realized to be that it was communism being spread in his local area.
I was thinking there would be a symbol would represent the new “communism” which would gradually lose some marks changing through time, finally ending up as a big “C”.

“Are you sure he is asleep?”, “Of course, I slipped him some lights out pills into drink.” “Just making sure, he looks like one who would kill you if he found you looking in his room like this.” “See. Knocked out cold, but I can see what you are saying. Looks like someone you wouldn’t want to be meet in a dark alley.” “What were we looking for again?” “Dude, the plan again was to search his room for the jewelry vault.” “Sorry, my mind has been elsewhere with all the happenings going on at home.” “Did the wife finally leave you?” “Nothing like that. I have been having some other issues.” “Alright, you have me hooked. What type of business could possibly distract you from a potential life threatening event sorting through an ex boxing champs belongings which could possibly leave you set for life?” “Take a chill pill, man. Nothing that serious. Just some other issues.””Like?” “Intimacy issues.” “You saying that the great stallion has problem getting his horse into the barn, is that what you are saying? Fine, tell me your every spicy detail regarding your nightly habits. This doctor will happily help you find the correct medication to help you enjoy your nightly romantic evenings with your wife. On you on medicare?” “Sorry, I said anything. It is a bit embarrassing.” “Why the heck are you getting embarrassed? Does this guy look like he really cares about whether you can manage your horse to the trough?”

Poe Et Ree.

Everything was disgusting. What had happened? The police searched every nook and cranny of the decrepit house and found no trace of the old man, who had finally reported missing by his neighbors. The house was in entire disarray with books decaying on the cement floor reeking of mildew and spoiled milk. The bookshelves on which the books might have stood, but given the rotting clutter surrounding the officers gave the impression that only thing the owner collected on the shelves was dust, were sagging off to the side rotten on the bottoms with rodent droppings sprinkled next to the side nearest the wall.

“How could anybody live here?” “It is a sty and I have not seen anything this revolting since that last suicide call we needed to attend to.” “We don’t get paid enough for this type of stuff.” “At least there isn’t any blood or drunken puke to clean up. The neighbors were the ones to call it in too. Curious as to happened to the old fellow. You would imagine some family would have come by and helped sort the mess out.” “I don’t think he had any family. I bet the only reason the neighbors called was because they couldn’t stand the house and hoped the old coot rot. His house is a hubble in comparison with the rest of the rest of the neighborhood. Total eyesore.”