Recollecting all my toys from childhood,

I can vaguely remember how the toy looked, but I don’t always remember the name of it. I was curious if there was a psychological theory backing this type of memory.


Мне всегда нравитсья говорить с русским людям.

Они всегда очень добрые. Когда я слышу их акцент и говорю Привет! и Как дела?, они не можют думать что человик здесь в США говорит по-русски. Сейчас я думаю, что говорю очень лушче чем когда я начал, но я не видел русскые люди для много зремя и из за этого мне очень грустно.

I never really liked the word sensitive from the first person reference. “I am very sensitive.” I think most if not everybody is sensitive and it seems that one is putting their own emotional priorities above others. My sensitivity takes priority over your sensitivity.

أحب أن أتعلم الرعبي لاني أظن أن هدا لغة شاق جدا. لا أستطيع أن أقرا جيد جدا لكني أستطيع أن أتدرب ثم أستطيع أن أقرا افضال.

Owning your sh!t and The buck stops here.

Owning your sh!t and The buck stops here.
I like these terms because I think everyone could use a little of both concepts. Through my own eyes, I would describe them as showing accountability for what you do and don’t do rather than blaming your circumstances or (in many people’s cases) others. I was got to thinking why do I blame my own circumstances rather than realize the consequences for my actions. It is easier and helps myself get out of situations where I performed or acted poorly. It screams I am not accountable for what I do.
It actually reminds me of the devil concept I was pondering a long time ago. It reasons that there is no devil, but rather we, as humans, justify our own misdeeds on fictious supernatural abhorrent entities.